Expert home repair – FREE Estimates.

I am an expert home repair – FREE Estimates.

I have truck, van and tools. Extra help in case you have a large project.

I can do the following for a reasonable price:

– Deck repairs and framing [g+]
– Power washing [g+]
– Exterior Spray or hand painting [g+]
– Interior painting [g+]
– Drywall and mud [g+]
– Door and windows replacement [g+]
– Hardwood floor installation [g+]
– Minor plumbing repairs, updates [g+]
– Minor electrical repairs[g+]
– Walkways using bricks or flagstone [g+]
– Patios using bricks or flagstone [g+]
– I can drive bobcats foot control or hand control (new or old ones) in case need yard leveling etc.
– Clean junks from your basement, backyards. (I have a F-350 for junk removal)
– Cabinets replacement.

20+ years on construction field.

What I have not done, I will learn how to do it.

I am the MAN that you need for a reasonable price.
I can manage a crew up to 5 for large projects, but I am available now for fix any screw ups that you have at your house.
Call me now (508) 380-3326

  • Rana on WalkwaysHi there, Yes there are these guys they did my exterior pinating this summer and i couldn't believe my eyes the job was perfect, amazing im actually goint to have them to do the interior paint in my house soon. they are just great. you should contact them. this is his website: and have him to give you a call. i promisse your going to love the job.
  • Linda on Handyman Services in Boston, MAResponded to my emergency situation immediatley. Alex was very nice and extremely helpful.
  • Tronton on HandymanIt was hard to keep up! You did a great job on the painting, it looks very much like the ornaiigl looked. Had a great time with you both! Prayed for you this morning.
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