Expert home repair – FREE Estimates.

I am an expert home repair – FREE Estimates.

I have truck, van and tools. Extra help in case you have a large project.

I can do the following for a reasonable price:

– Deck repairs and framing [g+]
– Power washing [g+]
– Exterior Spray or hand painting [g+]
– Interior painting [g+]
– Drywall and mud [g+]
– Door and windows replacement [g+]
– Hardwood floor installation [g+]
– Minor plumbing repairs, updates [g+]
– Minor electrical repairs[g+]
– Walkways using bricks or flagstone [g+]
– Patios using bricks or flagstone [g+]
– I can drive bobcats foot control or hand control (new or old ones) in case need yard leveling etc.
– Clean junks from your basement, backyards. (I have a F-350 for junk removal)
– Cabinets replacement.

20+ years on construction field.

What I have not done, I will learn how to do it.

I am the MAN that you need for a reasonable price.
I can manage a crew up to 5 for large projects, but I am available now for fix any screw ups that you have at your house.
Call me now (508) 380-3326