Shaker White Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker White Premium Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker White Premium Kitchen Cabinets

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Premium Kitchen Cabinets Line

Get top quality kitchen cabinets  for your money

  • Cabinets are all Solid Wood doors
  • Plywood box 1/2" and 3/4"
  • Soft Close Cabinets Doors and Drawers
  • High Quality Hardware
  • Dovetail Drawer Construction
  • Stained and Finished Sides
  • All cabinets come win custom shelves

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Sink Cabinets Options:

SB30 | SB33 | SB36 | Corner Sink 36| LS 36


Base Cabinets:

B09 |B09 P.O | B12 | B15 | B18 | B18 P.O

B21 | B24 | B27 | B30 | B33 | B36 | B39

Dishwasher Panel - Island Back Panel - Custom Columns

The panel will be finished on both sides.

The front edge of the panel is not finished so the stile must be used.

Filler can be trimmed to 3/4" if necessary.


Drawer Base Cabinets:

DB12 | DB15 | DB18 | DB24

  • 3 drawer base cabinet. Top drawer front is 6-1/4"H,

bottom 2 drawer fronts are 11-1/8"H.


  • 4 drawer base cabinet.

Drawer fronts are 7-5/16" high.


Lazy Susan (Corner base cabinets)

LS33 | LS36 | Blind Base Cabinet

Easy reach corner cabinet with a bi-fold door that takes up 33" or 36"  of wall space from the corner out, on each wall.

This cabinet has 1 adjustable wood shelf.

Extra shelf can be added



Storage and Pantry Cabinets

PC18W x 84 H   |  PC18W x 90H  |  PC24H x 84H  |  PC24H x 90H | 24" Microwave / Oven Cabinet

Wall pantry cabinets that has 2 doors. It has 1 stationary and 5 adjustable shelves. Top door is 35"H and bottom door is 49-1/4"H. There will be a decorative horizontal stile in the middle of the bottom pantry door.

Oven cabinet with two 29" high doors on top and three 7-3/4" high drawers on bottom. There will be 1 shelf behind the top doors. Oven opening dimensions are 26 1/2"W x 24-3/8"H (can be widened up to 29 1/2" if necessary). The oven cabinet can be modified to fit a double oven or oven/microwave combo by removing drawer boxes and pieces of the face frame. There is a 7-3/8" high horizontal stile above the oven opening and a 7 1/2" high horizontal stile below the oven opening. There are also 1-3/4" high horizontal stiles between each of the bottom drawers.


Wall Cabinets are 30 or 36 Inches High

W9 | W12 | W15 | W18| W21 | W24 | W27 | W30 | W33 | W36

Wall Cabinets Corner in Diagonal

W24 x 30  or W24 x 36

Above Fridge and Stove Cabinets

Stove 30"  | Fridge 36"

Extra Accessories for cabinet installation an finishing details

  • Base Filler 6 x 36
  • Crown Molding 8 Feet
  • Dishwasher panel
  • Fridge End Panel
  • Toe-kick
  • Wall and cabinet Filler 3 Inches