Walkway Catalog Ideas

Walkways and Patios can use a variety of forms, textures, random shapes and patterns.

To help you I am collecting pictures and ideas from past jobs done and sharing it here.

To create your perfect walkway or patio we need to known the following:

– The measurements of your walkway or patio.

– The design (curving or stray lines) on your walkway or patio.

– The pattern of the bricks and stones.

– The material to be used for your walkway can be:

BRICK PAVERSBrick patio and walkways img-thingWe work with the following Boston Brick Dealers:

Unilock Website»     |  Download Free Catalog

Ideal »

Cambridge Pavingstones »


Each dealers offers dozens of different brick pavers texture, sizes and color. Most common sizes are 3×6, 4×6, 6×6 and same pattern for 8″ bricks

CONCRETE SLABSconcrete slabs We can do the poured concrete walkway or we can use concrete slabs from our dealers.Please contact us about your design and ideas.
NATURAL STONESnatural stones The most used natural stones for Boston, MA for walkways, patios and walls are:- Pennsylvania stone- Blue Stone- Flag StoneThe shape of the blue stone can be uniform or rectangle and square shapes. The pattern may vary according your design for mixing square blue stones with rectangle ones. Please send us your ideas or design.