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Painting Services

G&M Home Improvements and Painting services are proud to extend our business to your town.

Since 2002 we are servicing Massachusetts with our professional crew of talent workmen professionals. MA HIC. License # 173.830 and Insurance provide as needs to cover your property during construction.

Request a FREE Estimate today on any painting services. Small or large projects are welcome. As part of the surface preparation that is to be painted or stained on the outside of a building or house could include scraping, sanding, wall or surface repair, taping, priming, all of which will be done by a professional painter.

Our Professional painters are familiar with all exterior and interior finishing and we will performance the work use the right tool as a roller, brush or spray painting machine to apply the paint or stain.

Important steps to make any painting project a success starts with a good surface preparation, as the number of coats, kind of primer, and sometimes we use to sanding between coats for a smooth finish.

About our Painting Services at Framingham, MA Area
We are not only a residential contractor, but we also handle commercial painting services in the Framingham, MA and neighbors towns. We are very clean, polite and conscientious of those around us, and their families needs when we schedule the job.

We service the Framingham, MA area and work within your time frames to accommodate your families or other contractors needs with the painting services project.

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Painting Services that we Handle:

– Deck Cleaning & Restoration
– Deck, Fence, Patio or Porch – Clean and Seal
– Exterior House Painting
– Interior House Painting
– Exterior deck Staining
– All Exterior Surface Wood – Carpentry repairs
– Power-washing Services





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